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1and1 Review

1&1 south africa

Let me be honest here, I am a perfectionist when it comes to having everything my way and getting my money’s worth. This is why I have gone with 1and1 web hosting. First of all, they are very affordable and I have no had many problems with them compared to other hosting services. They have met my expectations, and also answered all of my questions as well.

Roughly a few months ago, I was looking around on the Internet for a reliable hosting service and didn’t have much time to compare them so I began looking through comparison guides. There was an ad talking about free hosting for three years. I’m pretty sure that this offer at 1and1 was used to “bait the fishes” in order to get interested customers since they are somewhat new. Although they do not have this offer any longer, I do know they offer a whopping 50% off hosting and it’s only $3.99/month which is pretty good.

Currently, I have about 30 websites so I decided to buy their hosting at $10 a month. This is the introductory price for at least six months, and then it will be $19 a month for 6 months. For this, you’ll get 300 GB with up to 600 sub-domains. This was perfect for me because I am constantly building websites. There is up to 5 included domains in this package as well.

The e-mail accounts can hold up to 2 GB of space. Each of my website needs an e-mail for visitors to contact me so this is wonderful. The features include a spam filter, e-mail forwarding, and even an auto responder. If you plan on getting the 1and1 Developer package like I have – you’ll get up to 4,000 e-mail accounts which is quite enough for anyone.

I have shopped around before just to see if there are competitors that have a better price than 1and1. I have actually gone with one company which promised me the world. This included 99% up time which was no where even near that. I found out the hard way that people were running large scripts which slowed down the server, causing my website to load slowly. Remember the longer it takes for your site to load – you are loosing visitors so stay away from reseller hosting companies.