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A2 Hosting South Africa review

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Founded in 2001, A2 Hosting is an independent hosting company. this suggests they’re not a part of the large conglomerate of well-known web hosts called Endurance International Group (EIG).

Which if you didn’t know, doesn’t have the simplest reputation. In fact, some hosting providers like HostGator and Bluehost are owned by EIG and should lose customers simply because of that actual fact .

But not A2 Hosting. they’re independently owned and do exactly fine.

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"Top rated web hosting Company in South Africa"

SSD Storage
Easy Site Migration
Anytime Money Back Guarantee

How fine, well, that’s up to you to make a decision .

a2hosting website review

A2 Hosting may be a great web hosting option on the surface, despite not knowing any of the small print , because it caters to website owners of all sizes and kinds .

Whether you’re a replacement website with a couple of hundred unique visitors a month, or a well-established website with thousands of unique visitors each day , there’s a hosting solution for you.


Here are the different hosting solutions A2 Hosting provides website owners.


Reseller hosting allows website owners to use the allotted disk drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third-parties.

In short, you buy the hosting services provided in one among A2’s reseller hosting plans, then sell them to others, possibly for a profit. starting from 30GB to 200GB of storage, A2 Hosting features a wide selection of reseller hosting options available.

Pricing for the reseller hosting plans starting from $13.19/month to $40.91/month.


With A2 Hosting, you’ll choose between unmanaged or managed VPS hosting for people who want more control over their website and a more user-friendly atmosphere.

Though technically still a shared environment, VPS hosting has less of a workload since there are fewer users per server. additionally , the probabilities of others crashing your site are eliminated since everyone has their own slice of the server pie.

They have 3 VPS hosting plans starting from $5/month to $32.99/month. additionally , they provide more powerful managed VPS hosting solutions starting at $32.99/month and topping out at $65.99/month.


If you expect your website to scale significantly during a short amount of your time , consider the Cloud hosting option.

Simply design your Cloud with the needed features and resources to fit your needs, and re-size as your website grows. within the end, you simply buy what you employ once you choose their Cloud hosting.

Prices for Cloud hosting range from $15/month to $25/month counting on your individual needs.


For developers or system admins comfortable developing with the instruction , A2 Hosting has unmanaged dedicated server hosting options.

For huge websites that require tons of resources, but don’t want to affect anything host-related, A2 Hosting offers extensive managed dedicated server hosting options.

Ranging from $9.31/month to $141.09/month, you’ll pick an unmanaged or managed dedicated server hosting solution counting on the sort of website owner you’re .



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$ 2,99 $ 8,99

66% Off

$ 2,99 $ 8,99

66% Off