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HostMonster Review

host monster sa

You have a very cheap web hosting for just $5.95 per month when you choose HostMonster as your web hosting. HostMonster are providing web hosting solutions to greater than 750,000 domains and have more than ten years of top rated services in the industry. HostMonster has several awards that include best web hosting and best customer services available. For just $5.95 per month of web hosting, you are getting great customer service and high quality hosting with 99.9% uptime.

HostMonster 99.9% uptime

The $5.95 price is not always available so you need to make sure you get it while the price lasts. Many customers have claim that the uptime of the web hosting is actually around 99.95% for several years of usage. That is not bad considering the fact that the uptime is still very high. Most companies will claim that they have 99.9% uptime when in reality it is only around 97-98%.

HostMonster is that their customer service

What stands out the most about HostMonster is that their customer service is not outsourced like many web hosting companies around. The customer service is absolutely free and you can find many different ways to contact them, and you will get very fast replies to help you with anything related to web hosting or get your site up and running.

Get more for less price

HostMonster will provide you with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and host as many domains as you like for the same price. You will get privacy forever while most companies will offer you privacy protection that is charged annually. There are many other features that are included in the monthly basic plans.

HostMonster offers a hosting manage software as cPanel to help individuals with very simple navigation and make their websites without trouble. Most of the features are just one-click features that are easy to use. They have almost all the popular site scripts in cPanel with simple click to install such as blog management, discussion boards, and many others.

free advertising solutions

With the purchase of any plans, you will have free advertising solutions from Google and Yahoo to help you get started to bring high quality traffic to your site. This is great as most new webmasters have trouble finding traffic to their sites in the beginning.

If you are not satisfied with HostMonster at all, then you have 30-day money back guarantee with no hassle and no cancellation fee too. Their safety is rated one of the best in the web hosting industry to make sure that your site runs safe and smooth.