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MyHosting Review

Not many web hosting companies can claim that they have 100% uptime, but MyHosting web hosting claims that you will not experience any downtime at all. They have been in the web hosting business since 1997. After thorough research online, there are some customers that claim the uptime is more like 99.99% as downtime does happen but does not last long at all. It is not realistic to have 100% uptime from any web hosting companies available in the market.

If you are planning to get MyHosting for web hosting, then you will not be disappointed at all. The setup is extremely easy, fast, and simple. If you have any problems with the setup or anything related to web hosting, the customer service is very fast, friendly, and effective to help you with anything. Many customer reviews online stated that they have no problems with MyHosting hosting ever since they started for several years ago.

MyHosting Hardware

MyHosting offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth while having very low prices. You can host as many domains as you wish without paying additional fees. They offer free site builder tool that is perfect for people who are not familiar with web design. Even professional designers can use the site builder tool to help them make great sites. Their most basic plan will start as low as $4.89, but do not underestimate the low price as it offers a huge bundle of features.

Perfect Support

MyHosting also offers a forum for people to ask questions and contribute. They claim that their e-mail response is one hour or less. That is pretty amazing because most companies will respond after 24-48 hours. Their phone response is two minutes or less because they have a huge staff of customer service representatives.

MyHosting Offers

They also offer virtual private servers that are as low as $15.76 per month. Most web hosting companies offer virtual private servers for over $20 per month. The best things about their VPS are that it offers free monitoring and patching.

If you need help with promoting your website, MyHosting will offer you a solution to help you get the words out for your site. You will get a free domain with any hosting plans that you choose from MyHosting.

If you are not happy with MyHosting for whatever reasons, then you can get full refund within the 30-day money back guarantee. You should not have any problems with their web hosting as they offer great services that will not be disappointing.