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Nexx Hosting Review provides web hosting options which are amongst the best values in the market. Hosting is offered for $3.95 monthly (Regularly was $9.95). The web hosting package is made to provide almost any options required to run any small and medium-sized business web site. Hundreds of people who are using Nexx for their websites are becoming more familiar with this site, therefore it is gaining tons of exposure. So, be sure to sign up with Nexx hosting before they get too crowded.

If you are looking for a Nexx hosting review and information on their services, you have came to the right place. Currently, they have some of the best hosting services at only $3.95 a month. Almost anyone could afford this. With a three year plan, you can save about $72. Basically you are getting unlimited bandwidth and unlimited emails accounts as well. Although most starter packages for hosting companies offer up to 500 emails or more, this might not be as surprising

Nexx web hosting has many different options with their affordable monthly price. If you need many domains, you can buy them in bulk if you wish. This will save you more rather than buying individually. Also, upon sign up with this hosting company – you’ll get a free domain to go with it.

Once you begin using Nexx services, you’ll notice that they include many applications such as Perl, MySQL 5, FTP, and even SSH access.

You can either choose a Windows or Linux account, depending on what is suitable for you. All this for just below $4 per month! If you are a new user, you’ll receive an adwords campaign which is worth of $50. They have even been so generous as to offer a $50 Facebook credit too. This is mostly to promote their sites.

Everything is fully backed up by their customer support team who can help you over the phone or via e-mail. They are available at anytime since the services are 24/7. The great thing about Nexx hosting is that if anyone is not satisfied with the first month’s hosting – they can always get a 30 day money back gaurantee.