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Omnis Network Review

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Omnis Network is one of the most highly regarded web hosting companies, known for providing tremendous value and excellent service. They first started to offer their service in 1999, and are now well established within the industry.

This is one of the companies that I kept noticing when I first started to look at different web hosting providers to be listed on this site. The reviews for their service were overwhelmingly positive, so I wanted to see if they were as good as everyone was saying.

Omnis Network Hardware

On the surface, their web hosting seems very comparable to their competitors. They have the similar unlimited offerings (disk storage, data transfer, email accounts, hosted domains, etc). They also offer a money back guarantee and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Their pricing is also similar to the competition with their basic package at $5.95 per month.

Omnis Network different OS

One thing that immediately separates Omnis from most other web hosting providers is that they also offer Windows based web hosting. While I would say that the majority of websites are Unix based, there are some web designers out there who prefer using Windows, so it’s nice that Omnis offers both.

Omnis Customer Support

I contacted their customer support center on three separate occasions (once during normal business hours, once late at night, and once during the weekend), each times connecting with a live person in under a minute. I asked them several questions with varying degrees of difficulty, and came away impressed with their ability to answer them all quickly.

Omnis Servers

Their support center is located in the same building as the rest of the company. No outsourcing with Omnis, which prevents the communication problems that can occur when dealing with an international support staff. Most of their servers are also in that same building, so any server issues get immediately addressed.

They utilize a ‘cloud computing’ model in the setup of their servers. This configures them in a load-balanced cluster, whereby any single website’s content is served from a minimum of twelve servers at any one time. This provides an ultra reliable and secure network for your website, and helps make your website load even faster.

Omnis Network clearly deserves their positive reputation. They have a really well designed network supporting their customer’s websites, and a solid support team managing the system and helping their customers.