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Powweb review

powweb south africa

Although Powweb has made a lot of promises to their customers, they do not back up their promises according to the hundreds of reviews made by those interested in their services. Currently, there is much talk going on about the similiar features as and how they handle support issues. As far as I am concerned, I have seen both sides of these companies and both of them outsource to India. As you know, outsourcing makes things much slower than usual. If you have never heard of this for, it’s basically where they hand off the work to someone else to do for a cheaper rate. With this, Powweb hosting has experienced so many delays which resulted in many of their customers switching to another host, including myself.

Powweb review

Sadly, their customer service isn’t up to par. This is because of their poor communication skills and lack of technical knowledge in the hosting department. Before, Powweb used to be a great service that everyone loved but it has slowed to a crawl. In their 24/7 support, I have called them a few times regarding my site loading slowly. It would usually take 3 minutes to load and they informed me that they did a server check. They told me that this was not something they could help with and promptly ended the support ticket. I was very disappointed in this so decided to switch my hosting to Godaddy. Behold, after switching – my site loaded in less than 2 seconds. This shows that it was Powweb’s issue and they simply didn’t want to fix it.

Although they offer an attractive hosting plan, you should be aware of what I have told you. On a lighter note, you’ll receive unlimited hosting along with a free domain. You can basically host as many domains as you want if you are someone who is always creating new websites. Included is MySQL, PHP, and CGI. You also receive a point and click site builder. This allows you to create a site instantly, without having to take programming classes or hire a designer with expensive prices. At Powweb hosting, if this is what you are really looking for – I would say go for it but please be cautious in your decision.