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Shared Hosting

There is a variety of web hosting to select from and shared web hosting is one of the popular variations available. As the term implies, this type of hosting is the environment in which you can lease some space on the server thereby sharing it with other hosting users. Apart from space, you even share resources like RAM, bandwidth and CPU. With shared hosting, the customers pay for server and the associated resources thereby allowing the hosts to provide services at lower price tags.


The cost effectiveness of shared web hosting is indeed reflected in its name. As you share server space with plethora of other hosting customers, the host is able to offer cheap services and save money at the same time.

Shared hosting is an excellent solution for the small businesses. Advantages like shopping cart software and multiple email accounts permit customers to have an online storefront where one can sell his or her goods and services.

Multiple PHP, My SQL support and good server administration are other features that can be enjoyed with shared web hosting.