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Streamline Review

Streamline web hosting

Streamline is a UK based website for hosting plans and domains for those of you who are unfamiliar with them. Their packages are very affordable and they offer some of the most competitive plans. Although this was great in my initial contact with them, the results were not as good. I was extremely excited during the registration process because of everything they offered. For example, they had an easy site builder which was wonderful since I do not know that much about programming. Upon use, it was extremely easy for me to use. This is one thing I liked about Streamline, but a few months ago things took a turn for the worse. I had upgraded to a PLUS account for e-commerce which was only £4.99pm. You receive about 10 GB, unlimited traffic to your site and two free domains. Not bad, considering with other hosting companies I have to buy the domain separately.

However, Streamline hosting wasn’t something that I would imagine to turn into a nightmare. I was making roughly $3,000 a month in sales for my E-commerce shop. One day I visited my site after receiving a few e-mails from my customers, stating they couldn’t login to track their package. For that same week, the website slowed to a crawl. Immediately, I called up customer service and they claimed that nothing had happened and I needed to switch to another database. This worked for one day, then collapsed again. I called them yet again and they told me the same thing. Right way, when I told the Streamline phone rep they had already told me to change databases – the lady got very snappy with me.

This was a never ending issue on their part and Streamline hosting was definitely a big mistake for me. Even though there rates are very affordable, I should have gone with another hosting company. I ended up loosing $700 in sales because of their issues and their server up time isn’t even over 60%. This is very poor for a hosting company since most should operate at a 99% for up time.

Overall, Streamline hosting was a stressful experience for me. I know that most people say that you get what you pay for and this is definitely true. I was absolutely astonished as their promises compared to what they had delivered in the long run. Folks, if you want a reliable hosting company other than Streamline, I suggest Godaddy or Yahoo.